Explaining Clear Auto Tint

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Explaining Clear Auto Tint

Clear auto tint is an upgrade to your windshield that stops most ultraviolet rates and blocks heat energy from the sun. Unlike traditional tints, it’s entirely transparent.

Why Install Clear Tint

Federal laws prohibit darkening the tint of a windshield more than 30 percent, and most glass from the factory already has some shading to it. Additionally, adding tints to the front windscreen is impractical. Tinting the rest of your vehicle blocks the sun from other angles but leaves your car vulnerable to sunlight from directly ahead.

How Clear Tint Works

Like other tints, the clear sheets roll into place over your existing glass. These films do not darken the shade at all, but they do stop ultraviolet radiation and heat.

Clear tint manufacturers laminate microscopic ceramic particles into the layers of the film. These particles interact with the light as it hits your windshield. Up to 99 percent of UV rays deflect away from treated surfaces, and these tints reduce nearly 50 percent of the heat energy your car absorbs. Clear tints also limit glare.

What the Advantages Are

With clear tint, your vehicle’s interior experiences less fading, cracking, and warping. Your air conditioning system can cool your vehicle interior more efficiently as well, and you won’t need to squint to see on sunny days.

Clear tints do not alter the shade of your windows. They offer many of the same benefits as shaded tints but can be used safely on windshields, making them convenient upgrades to any vehicle.

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