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Cobo convention center, shown here, hosts the North American International Auto Show every January in Detroit – Rumors hint it could be moved to October

A Brief Scoop on the Auto Industry News

The auto industry is ever-changing, and new updates are released almost hourly. If you missed last week’s news, here are a few stories you may want to look into:

Detroit’s Auto Show May Have a New Date

If you’ve ever been to Detroit in January, you know that the temperatures are frigid and the roads icy. Detroit’s auto show is typically held in January, but event planners propose a change. The change, which would mean the show would be held in October instead, has the potential to draw in more customers and cut costs, but even so, a contract renegotiation would be required.

Truck Manufactures Focus on Space

Remember the good old days of sitting in the back of a truck cab with your legs cramped up and barely any move to room? Those days may be long gone, as Ram demonstrates with its 2019 Ram 1500. According to sources, the new cab supposedly has more room than a Bentley Mulsanne.

GMC Has Several Tricks Up Its Sleeve

The new GMC Sierra is fully equipped with a new, multipurpose tailgate, carbon filter composite bed, diesel engine and a sleek new look. GMC introduced the new truck at a downtown event in Detroit last week.

European Car Manufacturers Put On a Brave Face

Already riddled with trouble, the E.U. auto industry becomes even more nervous as talks of tariffs make their way to President Trump’s Twitter feed. Then there is the switch from internal combustion engines to electrical. Yet, despite that, manufacturers are showing up with a smile to the Geneva Car Show this coming week.

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