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About Eclipse Custom Window Tinting

Here at Eclipse Tinting the term “Custom” means exactly that. Each window tint installation is hand cut for that specific vehicle. This eliminates the large gap at the top edge of the window left by other shops that use generic computer cut patterns. Both of our full time Tinters are Carolina natives that take pride in their work. With 15 years of experience between two Tinters, it makes us so confident that our guarantee exceeds the manufacturers warrantee. So as long as you own your car, WE guarantee our work.

Brands Used


Automotive Tinting

Window tint dresses up any vehicle no matter how old or new it is. Almost every vehicle speeding across the Big Screen or featured on the cover of any magazine has window tint.

Commercial Tinting

When it comes to  Commercial and Residential window tint films, there is a huge selection from many different manufacturers. At Eclipse Tinting our professionals can give you a detailed explanation about the differences between each film and show you examples from previous installation jobs we have done in your area.

Mobile Tinting

Every single window tint film that we at Eclipse Tinting offer blocks 99% of all UV Rays and have some of the most comprehensive statistics for blocking heat and reducing the glare from the sun that you as the customer will know and see the quality that you are getting.


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